OREANDA-NEWS The driver of the boat, whose accident in the waters of Thai Phuket injured 37 people, including 21 Russians, passed a positive test for methamphetamine, the Thai newspaper Phuket Express reports.

Last Wednesday, a boat carrying 37 people, including 21 Russians, nine citizens of Kazakhstan, one citizen of Ukraine and two citizens of China, crashed at high speed into a concrete pillar of the signal tower. The cause of the accident, according to the preliminary version of the investigation, could be the negligence of the ship's captain.

"The driver of the tourist boat, Satit Mardchai, passed a blood test for alcohol and drugs after the incident. His blood test tested positive for methamphetamine, a category one illicit drug in Thailand," said Major General Sermfan Sirikong, commander of the Phuket Provincial Police.

Sirikong clarified that he personally interrogated 19 witnesses, each of whom gave the same testimony that Mardchai acted "recklessly" shortly before the crash. The driver of the boat was charged under articles 300 and 390 of the Criminal Code of Thailand for negligence and bodily injury. The crime carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a fine of 60 thousand baht (about $ 1,700).