OREANDA-NEWS  The GIE registered an increase of 0.34 percentage points in UGS volumes from August 15 to August 16, reaching an average of 75%. At the same time, according to the association, eight out of 19 EU countries, namely Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, have filled their underground gas storage facilities by more than 80%.In June, the European Union adopted new rules according to which the gas storage facilities should be filled up to 80% by November 1, 2022, and up to 90% in subsequent years.According to Rystad Energy analysts, imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European market in July remained high and even slightly increased compared to the previous month. In June, LNG deliveries from the United States outpaced pipeline exports from Russia for the first time, according to the International Energy Agency.Meanwhile, gas supplies from Russia in transit through Ukraine and via Nord Stream 1 remain limited.

Pumping through Nord Stream 1 is expected at the level of about 31 million cubic meters on Thursday, according to the data from operator Nord Stream AG.The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which is the main gas supply route to Europe, had been operating at 40% of its capacity since mid-June. Russian energy giant Gazprom attributed its underperformance to the delays in the return of the Siemens turbine from Canada, where it was sent for repairs, due to Western sanctions. On July 25, due to the failure of another turbine, Gazprom further curtailed supplies, with the pipeline currently operating at 20% of its capacity, which is approximately 170 million cubic meters per day.