OREANDA-NEWS  A petition against the speech of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Sanremo Festival has been launched in Italy. Its authors called for a large protest rally near the venue of the song contest, the newspaper Corriere della Sera wrote on Friday.

According to the publication, despite public protests, the leadership of the Italian state television Rai, which is the organizer of the event, will give the Ukrainian leader the floor on the final evening of the show on February 11 before the announcement of the winners of the competition.

The petition, which has already been signed by public figures, writers and journalists, calls for a large demonstration in front of the Ariston Theater, where a review is traditionally held in support of peace and against sending weapons to Ukraine. "Italy must immediately withdraw from the war, ending all direct or indirect assistance to one of the parties to the conflict. Italy cannot accept that it remains a warehouse of deadly nuclear devices under American control, as well as a place of military laboratories and research centers. It is necessary to liberate our territory from this presence. We will be in Sanremo on February 11 to tell the world: renouncing war means renouncing without any "ifs", "ifs" or "buts," the petition says. It is noted that a little more than 30 thousand signatures have been collected.

According to the signatories of the petition, the conflict, one of the parties to which Zelensky represents, is "provoked by irresponsible arms supplies and obvious economic and geostrategic interests," "has complex reasons, including the fact that NATO was "barking at the borders of Russia" (in the words of Pope Francis), as well as a reaction to the brutal repression of the nationalist government Zelensky in relation to the Russian-speaking population, especially in the Donbass." "Therefore, we consider it tragically ridiculous and extremely disrespectful towards those who do not recognize the military policy of the governments [Mario] Draghi and [Georgie] Meloni, Zelensky's invitation to Sanremo. The drama currently being experienced in Ukraine is, in fact, nothing more than the epilogue of a much longer conflict in the Donbas, to which the largest NATO states (the ones that Italy has now joined) have greatly contributed," the petition says.