OREANDA-NEWS. The agreement between the countries participating in the Alliance on deploying US UAVs in eastern Poland could cause tensions in this region and lead to retaliatory measures from the Russian Federation. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry after the head of the White House, Donald Trump, and the Polish leader Andrzej Duda signed a declaration on military cooperation. It says that the squadron of reconnaissance UAVs MQ-9 Reaper will be deployed in Poland, and the number of US troops will be increased from 4.5 thousand to 5.5 thousand. People. According to experts, these actions are directed against Russia and they increase tension in the region.

After the announcement of the deployment of NATO facilities on the territory of eastern Poland, the Russian Ministry responded promptly. Representatives of the agency published a document on the official website, which indicated a list of international agreements violated by this action of the United States. For example, the NATO-Russia 1997 treasure, according to which the alliance refused to carry out additional permanent deployment on the territory of the new member countries”, said a ministry spokesman.

The Russian side insists that the United States does not comply with earlier agreements between the Russian Federation and NATO. In the name of agreements with “privileged” allies, there should be no such violations. “Thus, a new factor of military-political tension appears in Europe. Now Washington is increasing the presence of its military capacities on the territory of the European Continent, this is bypassing international agreements", the Foreign Ministry stresses.

In the Russian capital, we are sure that this is only a preparation for the deployment of American military forces in Europe, especially in its eastern part, which contradicts the agreements adopted earlier. Countries that have accepted them are obliged to comply with them and to prevent violations by other members of the agreement. In addition, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Moscow could not ignore such a change when planning its defense and places for military equipment.