OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian strike group, consisting of the boats R-297 and R-261, during the exercises hit the landing ship of a conditional enemy in Peter the Great Bay near Primorye. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the press service of the Eastern Military Dist\\rict (VVO) for the Pacific Fleet (TOP).

According to the legend of the exercises, the enemy ship that was in the strait did not communicate, after which it was decided to send a strike group of boats to destroy it.

The landing ship of the simulated enemy was destroyed by two Mosquito missiles. "The launches were carried out electronically without the actual use of missiles," the TOPH reported.
On March 10, the VVO press service reported that a large amphibious assault ship of the Pacific Fleet "Nikolai Vilkov" destroyed a "group of underwater saboteurs" of a conditional enemy during exercises near the Kuril Islands.

On February 23, the press service of the VVO reported that the corvette "Perfect" of the Pacific Fleet destroyed the ship of a conditional enemy during the exercise.