OREANDA-NEWS  Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin Said That a Situation is Being Considered When, in Order to Ensure the Defense Capability of the Two Countries and Adequately Respond to the Threat That Has Arisen, it Will be Necessary to Involve the Entire Military Potential of the States in Cooperation.
At a Briefing for Foreign Military Attaches on Tuesday, the Deputy Minister Said That There Was an Obvious Danger That a Regional Grouping Locally Deployed by the Union State of Russia and Belarus Might Not be Able to Respond to a Potential Enemy. Therefore, an Option is Being Actively Developed to Attract the Entire Combat Potential of the Two Countries for a Full-Fledged Response to Possible Aggression. Fomin Said That it is Planned to Involve the Troops of the Eastern Military District of Russia in the Upcoming Exercises of the Troops of the Union State.
Presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko Agreed to Check the Reaction Forces of the Union State Back in December 2021. It Was Planned to Work Out Various Variants of the Threat and Work Out Interaction to Eliminate Them. The Exercises Are Planned for January 2022. As Fomin Noted, Such a Check of the Reaction Forces is Carried out Constantly, an Example is the Past Exercises "West – 2021".