OREANDA-NEWS Sweden can lift the arms embargo on Turkey if Turkey withdraws its objections to its accession to NATO, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde quoted the Turkish website Àhval as saying.

It is noted that Turkey has called on Sweden and Finland to lift the arms embargo on the country as a condition of their accession to NATO and to stop supporting terrorists in Syria. According to Linde, Sweden does not send weapons to groups that Turkey considers terrorist organizations. She said Sweden would contribute to the full security of NATO, including Turkey, if it became a member of the alliance.

Earlier, Finland refused to fulfill one of Ankara's conditions for joining NATO, namely, to extradite to Turkey people considered in the republic to be members of the preacher Fethullah Gulen movement or the Kurdistan Workers' Party (both organizations are recognized as terrorist in Turkey).

Turkey put forward 10 conditions for Sweden and Finland, under which Ankara would lift its veto on the membership of the two Scandinavian countries in NATO. They concern the prohibition of the activities of organizations recognized as terrorist in Turkey, as well as the removal of restrictions on Ankara's defense industry.