OREANDA-NEWS. Deputy Head of the Kiev City State Administration (KSCA) Andrey Krishchenko said that residents of the capital should take care of their "emergency suitcases" in case of "invasion of the Russian Federation." He also said that the escalation of hostilities is possible at any moment.

Andrei Krishchenko told about this in an interview with "Glavkom".

"It is advisable to always have a set of things - the so-called" alarming suitcase ", which you can quickly take with you. First of all, these are documents, medicines for all family members, comfortable clothes for the season, a supply of food for a day or two. first aid skills: it is not necessary to take courses, now there are many videos on this topic on the Internet, "he said.

In addition, the deputy head of Kiev is convinced that an escalation is theoretically possible at any time, since the war has been going on for eight years.

"Local authorities can first of all provide information. A person armed with them can draw certain conclusions and, accordingly, will not panic. We do not panic when we board a plane and every time they show us where the emergency exits are, how to use oxygen masks and where the life jacket is. This does not mean that it will definitely be needed. This information is just so that people in a critical situation clearly understand their actions, "summed up Krishchenko.

It is reminded, on December 27 in Kiev, without waiting for the entry into force of the law on "national resistance" from January 1, began to create territorial defense units.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense believes that Vitali Klitschko wanted to promote the creation of a terrorist defense in Kiev "in case of Russian aggression."