OREANDA-NEWS  Cases of vandalism at Soviet military memorial sites have become more frequent on the territory of Germany, the Russian side calls on the German authorities to take measures to ensure their safety and publicly condemn the desecration, the Russian Embassy said in a comment on the occasion of the 83rd anniversary of the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union.

"We have to state with regret that acts of vandalism against Soviet military memorial sites continue to be carried out in modern Europe. Unfortunately, similar incidents have become more frequent in Germany recently," the embassy said.

The Embassy regards the acts of desecration of Soviet memorials and graves as a "blatant outrage against the memory of those who fell in the fight against the Nazi regime" and disrespect for their descendants.
"We call on the German authorities to take comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of Soviet war memorials and graves, as follows from Berlin's obligations under the bilateral intergovernmental agreement on the care of war graves," it says further.

The diplomatic mission also expects that the German side "by virtue of its enduring historical responsibility" will publicly condemn the desecration of memorials and will contribute to preserving the historical memory of the feat of the Red Army and the Soviet people and counteract attempts to falsify and forget the events of those years.
The Embassy reminds that June 22 is a tragic date that divided the lives of all residents of the USSR into "before" and "after". "The war came to every home, separated families, destroyed dreams, brought untold grief and suffering," the statement emphasizes.

The diplomatic mission stressed that the Russian Federation considers the atrocities of the Third Reich on the territory of the USSR as genocide of the peoples of the Soviet Union, which is enshrined in the relevant statement of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation dated March 22, 2023. "The memory of the victims is sacred. Forgetting the crimes of Nazism is unacceptable," the embassy added.