OREANDA-NEWS  In January 2023, the prices of vodka and cognac in non-chain retail in Russia turned out to be 12 percent higher than in the same month last year, writes TASS with reference to a study by the IT company Evotor.

The firm studied the sales of wine and spirits in small shops at home, as well as specialized alcohol stores of medium and low price segments. The average price of vodka in the country was 817 rubles per liter.

In Moscow, vodka on average cost 812 rubles per liter, in St. Petersburg - 804 rubles. The most expensive drink turned out to be in Yakutia — 1130 rubles per liter. Russian-made vodka absolutely dominates in non-chain retail. A small share of 3.7 percent is occupied by drinks from Belarus.

The average price of cognac was 1,493 rubles per liter. The average cost of white wine for the year has increased by 28 percent, to 402 rubles per liter. Red wine has risen in price by 27 percent, to 468 rubles. The average price of sparkling wine increased by 14 percent, to 513 rubles per liter.

At the same time, the volume of sales in monetary terms for the year decreased in almost all categories. Sales of vodka fell by 4 percent, cognac — by 6 percent, white wine — by 14 percent, red — by 27 percent. Champagne was an exception to this trend: sales increased by 9 percent.

In February, the Association of Online Trading Companies (AKIT) proposed to legalize the sale of alcohol via the Internet. To buy alcohol online, the online trade suggests using two-factor identification. The plan involves the passage of identity verification using "Public Services", then receiving a QR code and presenting it to the courier upon delivery of the goods.