OREANDA-NEWS The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has banned commercial banks from conducting any currency transactions with Russian and Belarusian rubles. The NBU also imposed a ban on fulfilling obligations to legal entities and individuals who are located in Russia or Belarus.

According to the press service of the bank, the NBU board has already amended the resolution of February 24, 2022 "On the operation of the banking system during the introduction of martial law."

On February 24, the Ukrainian banking regulator switched to an emergency mode of operation. Also, the central bank of the country introduced restrictive measures due to the start of the military operation of Russian troops in Ukraine.

According to Shevchenko, operations on the accounts of residents of Russia were banned. The NBU also imposed a moratorium on cross-border currency payments (except for fulfilling government tasks) and banned banks from issuing cash in foreign currency.

Shevchenko added that the work of the foreign exchange market has been suspended, with the exception of operations for the sale of foreign currency.

Earlier, as the "Secret" wrote, US President Joe Biden announced new sanctions against the Russian financial system.