OREANDA-NEWS Bitcoin hodler from India is going to visit 40 countries in 400 days, paying with the main cryptocurrency everywhere, and using cash only in public transport. Behind Paco de la India, as he calls himself, there are already 7 out of 40 countries.

His marathon started more than six months ago. Subscribers who send donations to a bitcoin wallet help him in the difficult way. Paco is sure that «bitcoin gives freedom to everyone, as he wants it».

The motivation to walk thousands of kilometers was prompted by a book that a friend gave him, it describes the standard and functionality of bitcoins. Paco says that after reading it, he became disillusioned with the paper money and decided that such an act could show the world the power of bitcoin and the caring community.

From that moment, the plans for the trip began to be realized and turned into an advertising crypto campaign. During the journey, he tells people about the benefits of the mass introduction of digital currencies and shares his positive mood. On social networks, he reports on every bitcoin transaction and impresses subscribers with hiking stories.

In one of these stories, he talked about how it turns out to encourage entrepreneurs to accept payments in cryptocurrency. During a visit to Sri Lanka, Paco lost the keys to the apartment. After asking for a spare copy from the owner, he went to a neighboring town to make a duplicate of the keys. There was a power outage in the city, which forced him to linger and tell the master about himself, who later accepted Satoshi for the work he had done.

Paco is sure that miraculously he manages to find crypto-like-minded people. So on Koh Samui in Thailand, where bitcoin is rather frowned upon, he came across a place with an inscription in front of the entrance that they pay here, including in cryptocurrency.

There were places and people who were ready to accept payment in digital form: a neighbor cooked dinner for a few Satoshi, and a guide conducted an excursion. I managed to pay for a drink at the bar, and to clean myself up at the barber shop. Even tuk-tuk drivers and dentists accept cryptocurrency.