OREANDA-NEWS  Sanctions against the Moscow Stock Exchange and the National Clearing Center (NCC) will not affect trade relations between Kazakhstan and Russia, follows from the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Serik Zhumangarin.

"We have had more than 85% of settlements with Russia in the national currency for a long time," he said, answering a question from journalists on the sidelines of parliament, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports.

Earlier, the United States imposed sanctions against the Russian financial infrastructure, including the Moscow Stock Exchange, the National Clearing Center and the National Settlement Depository. After that, on June 13, the Moscow Stock Exchange suspended trading in the US dollar, euro and Hong Kong dollar. Then, on June 14, the United Kingdom announced new sanctions. She also included these three financial structures in the sanctions list.

The Bank of Russia then announced that the dollar and the euro would continue to be traded on the over-the-counter market, and the official ruble exchange rate would begin to be calculated on it.

At the same time, in general, the exchange rate of the yuan against the ruble will set the trajectory for other ruble currency pairs and will become a benchmark for market participants, since, for example, in May its share in the Moscow Stock Exchange trading was 54%. Thus, the yuan has already become the main currency in stock trading, the regulator concluded.