OREANDA-NEWS. Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller said that as part of anti-Russian sanctions, the authorities began to block funds on accounts opened in the republic, TASS reports.

According to him, 140 million zlotys (more than 3 billion rubles) have already been frozen.

Earlier it was reported that Belgium froze Russian assets worth €10 billion. Some of them were frozen directly on Belgian accounts “associated with individuals and organizations that fell under the sanctions of the European Union”, and transactions were also blocked. It is emphasized that we are talking exclusively about the blocking of assets, and not about their confiscation or arrest.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki proposed building a fund for the restoration of Ukraine on the basis of confiscated Russian assets.

Morawiecki said it was important now to give Ukraine hope for recovery.

“This hope must be contained in a large fund built on the basis of Russian assets frozen and confiscated,” he said.

The Prime Minister added that these assets will serve to restore a sovereign and independent Ukraine.

Earlier, the first deputy head of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Denis Kudin, said that the Ukrainian authorities, together with Western partners, are developing a mechanism that will allow Kiev to take the arrested reserves of the Bank of Russia to restore the country.