OREANDA-NEWS Financing of the operation of the Russian segment of the International Space Station in 1994-2024 is estimated at $ 14.2 billion, according to the report of the head of the flight of the Russian segment of the ISS Vladimir Solovyov.

The costs for the creation and operation of the Russian segment, the creation of the Soyuz and Progress ships in 1994-2020 amounted to $11.7 billion, and in 2021-2024 the project financing will amount to $2.5 billion, the report says. Russia's contribution to the ISS project is about 10% of the total costs, while owning the rights to 30% of the station's resources, Solovyov noted.

Extra-budgetary foreign exchange receipts to Russia under the ISS program exceed $6 billion. The main source of income is the contract between Roscosmos and NASA - NAS15-10110, which includes flights of American astronauts on Soyuz spacecraft and amounts to about $4.7 billion.

"The ISS program received extra-budgetary funding, approximately comparable to state budget funding," the report says.

On April 10, the first deputy general Director of Roscosmos, Andrei Yelchaninov, in an interview with Interfax, reported that the average annual cost of operating the Russian segment of the ISS is about 35 billion rubles.