OREANDA-NEWS Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov believes that the statement about the default in Russia has nothing to do with reality. It is reported by TASS.

“What they are now saying about the default has nothing to do with reality at all. The default of this Western countries in front of him. We have money. And I say again that we will pay off,” he said.

The head of the department added that Russia will continue to confirm the role of a reliable borrower.

Earlier, Siluanov argued that the announcement of a technical default in Russia would not affect the economy in any way.

Statements about Russia's potential default on external public debt began to appear after the US authorities did not renew an expired license that allowed the Russian Ministry of Finance to service dollar obligations to foreign investors. At the same time, the media reported that Moscow has a way to avoid this scenario.

“It won’t affect anything, nothing will change. In general, a technical default is a default declared, in fact, by Western infrastructure to its own investors,” the minister says.

According to him, the Russian Federation is a reliable borrower that fulfills its obligations even in the current difficult conditions. The Minister of Finance noted that Russia will continue to look for options that are already being prepared to fulfill obligations on external debts.