OREANDA-NEWS. The creation of a new global currency that is not tied to the country's economy is a utopia, said Mikhail Belyaev, candidate of economic sciences, financial analyst, to Lenta.ru. It will not be possible to agree on a supranational currency other than the dollar, he believes.

We see that the contradictions of the national economy and national interests are so strong that to agree on some common currency, supranational, in addition to the dollar, which would be accepted by everyone, is a pure utopia,” Belyaev said.

It will also not be possible to use bitcoins in international economic relations, the economist noted.

The payment unit for settlements with friendly countries was also called a strange thing for the modern world by economist Nikolai Kulbaka. He recalled that they tried to introduce it into the USSR, when, within the framework of the Soviet system, there was a certain conditional ruble for trade. He explained that such a currency would only be suitable for trading within a closed system.

Earlier, Syrian Ambassador to Moscow Riad Haddat said that Syria calls for abandoning the dollar and is ready to discuss settlements in national currencies with Russia. He added that the country may start cooperating with the republics of Donbass and is considering the possibility of discussing their recognition.