Currency market

03.12.2020, 15:46
The Russian ruble is strengthening against the dollar, while some other currencies are rising.
13.11.2020, 14:53

Residents of Russia will be required to report to the tax service on foreign exchange transactions using electronic wallets of foreign operators.

12.11.2020, 12:08
The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has prepared amendments to the laws on the introduction of criminal punishment and imprisonment for failure to declare transactions with cryptocurrencies.
29.10.2020, 17:01
Russian President said that, in his opinion, can be expected in foreign exchange markets and what could happen to the dollar after the US presidential election.
25.09.2020, 18:13
Goldman Sachs strategists have called the Russian ruble one of the three most attractive currencies for investors in emerging markets.
03.09.2020, 10:59
The dollar may decline by 36% against the euro next year.
23.06.2020, 11:09

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission of China, Fang Xinghai.

01.06.2020, 14:05
Russian ruble approaches pre-coronavirus levels.
26.05.2020, 10:27

This is evidenced from the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

28.04.2020, 22:32

At the moment, the currency basket of the National Wealth Fund consists of US dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

20.04.2020, 20:21

Andrey Kostin explained the unstable situation in the market by the fact that “investors are driven by emotions, not calculations.”

25.03.2020, 09:45
American regulator has made significant progress in proving that Telegram transferred Gram tokens to customers so that they can then distribute them in the secondary market
12.03.2020, 14:23
Bitcoin cheaper by 21.63%, up to $ 6139
04.03.2020, 14:00
In March, the Ministry of Finance will buy foreign currency under the budget rule for 133 billion rubles
17.01.2020, 09:30
Long-term bonds accounted for $ 2.979 billion


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