Currency market

10.02.2021, 12:27
Experts predict an increase in the bitcoin rate to 50 thousand dollars by the end of the week. However, then its cost will return to the level of 37-40 thousand dollars.
09.02.2021, 17:44
In the American city of Palm Beach (Florida), a mansion with a land plot that previously belonged to former US President Donald Trump, as well as Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, will be sold for a record amount for the country.
04.02.2021, 11:04
The US government has spent more than $ 160 million supporting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind some of the 21st century's most high-profile attacks, including the September 11, 2001 attacks.
03.02.2021, 13:31

The Bank of Russia has issued recommendations for operators of electronic money (e-money, electronic money "wallets") to improve the quality of customer service.

27.01.2021, 14:14
Microsoft founder and charity co-chairman Bill Gates urged to prepare for possible new pandemics and take them as seriously as a potential military conflict.
22.01.2021, 17:26
The international payment system Visa announced that it is rejecting the idea of developing a payment system using QR codes in Russia, since there is no demand for such a service from citizens, banks and shops.
20.01.2021, 13:04

This may be due to critical remarks about cryptocurrencies from the candidate for the post of head of the US Treasury Janet Yellen.

13.01.2021, 17:39
An honest Kaliningrader suddenly became rich, albeit for a short time.
13.01.2021, 12:12

The Economist magazine ranked the ruble as the most undervalued currency in the world according to the Big Mac index.

07.01.2021, 17:10

Based on the FAO Food Price Index, which reflects monthly changes in international prices for staple foods, world prices for basic foods and raw materials in 2020 were the highest in the last three years.

06.01.2021, 17:22
Investors have been buying Russian shares since the beginning of the year, encouraged by the rise in oil prices.
17.12.2020, 13:33

This follows from the Treasury’s report on the macroeconomic and monetary policy of the main American trading partners.

16.12.2020, 13:11
In the near future, a number of factors will help determine the situation in the financial markets and the ruble exchange rate in particular.
10.12.2020, 12:04
Germany in particular and the European Union as a whole lose billions of euros every year due to restrictive measures against Russia.
08.12.2020, 10:50
Next year profit of Russian banks will completely decrease by 2 times due to overdue loans of debtors and low interest rates on loans.


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