Currency market

03.05.2021, 16:22

This happened after the price of Ethereum overcame the $3 thousand mark.

03.05.2021, 10:44
The total capitalization of the asset is more than $358 billion — according to this indicator, Ethereum surpassed Bank of America, PayPal and Walt Disney.
28.04.2021, 09:53

The company purchased the cryptocurrency at a price of $58,226.

26.04.2021, 14:18

At the same time, last week the most popular cryptocurrency lost 17% of it's value.

22.04.2021, 15:14
In the afternoon on April 22, the ruble sharply increased its growth against major currencies on the news of the withdrawal of Russian troops after exercises in the south and west.
15.04.2021, 17:21

Plastic cards will become a rarity by 2025. This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin.

05.04.2021, 10:20
According to the chief investment strategist at BCS World of Investments, avoiding dollar payments for Russia is possible and will require about 4-5 years, all the conditions have already appeared for this.
01.04.2021, 13:02
Access to the wallet with digital rubles will be possible through different financial intermediaries - this will help fight "payment slavery" when customer service is tied to one credit institution.
11.03.2021, 15:48

Ukraine pays off not only the loans it received, but also pays for the loans that it was not given. This was stated by the director of the Kiev Institute for Economic Development of Ukraine Alexander Goncharov.

08.03.2021, 15:23
In 2020, Russians withdrew more than $ 28 billion of foreign currency from bank accounts in cash, which is 21% more than in 2019
05.03.2021, 10:33

The ruble at the beginning of morning trading strengthened after the evening failure the day before, which occurred due to the aggravation of sanctions risks. This conclusion follows from the data of the Moscow Exchange.

02.03.2021, 10:36

According to the Microsoft founder, he invests his money in companies that «produce products», for example, in manufacturers of vaccines against malaria and measles.

25.02.2021, 16:00

The head of the Otkritie group, former finance minister Mikhail Zadornov, believes that bitcoin should not be considered a real investment asset.

22.02.2021, 14:19

Last week, the cryptocurrency broke through the mark of 50 thousand dollars, and as of Monday morning, it's rate was already about 54 thousand.

11.02.2021, 12:38
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is going to come to talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It is planned to discuss the issue of granting a loan to Minsk for $ 3 billion.


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