OREANDA-NEWS In Sochi, at the Chess World Cup, the Indonesian player Megaranto Susanto received a notification of a positive coronavirus test during a game. He was removed from the game, and the American rival Fabiano Caruana was declared the winner by default. This was announced by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

Susanto was tested for Covid-19 four times: before going to the tournament and already in Sochi before the match - on July 10, 11 and 14. The last test came to be positive.

FIDE claims that the agency that ran the PCR test should have alerted the federation of a positive result a few hours before the start of the Susanto party. However, the organizers were informed of this only when the match between him and Caruana had already begun.

FIDE had to stop the game immediately. The players were presented with medical consultations and both were quarantined.

Currently, both chess players will not be able to continue participating in the championship until they receive negative coronavirus test results.