OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian saboteurs have no chance of committing crimes in Crimea thanks to the protection of the peninsula by Russian special services, said the head of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov.

Earlier, the press service of the FSB reported that three agents of the Ukrainian special services were detained in the Russian Federation: a father and son, who were collecting data on strategic objects, and a young man who was planning a terrorist attack. According to the FSB, Ukrainian saboteurs planned to blow up the mast of the Black Sea Fleet radio center, the Crimean television center tower and a mobile gas turbine power plant.

"I thank the FSB for the arrest of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs who planned to undermine a number of strategic facilities. Our special services reliably protect Crimea from existing threats. Terrorists, saboteurs and extremists have not the slightest chance of carrying out their criminal plans," Aksenov wrote in his Telegram -channel.

He called the conversations of the Ukrainian leadership and politicians about the love of Crimea "chatter". "In fact, their" love "and" care "are expressed in terror and attempts at sabotage, in an effort to harm the Crimeans as much as possible. This is what Bandera's" love "is. Crimea left it in 2014." - wrote Aksenov.

In Crimea, in 2016, they detained members of a sabotage and reconnaissance group, which consisted of employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Colonel Dmitry Shtyblikov, Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Stogniy, Captain 2nd Rank Gleb Shabliy, Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Bessarabov and intelligence agent Vladimir Dudka.

According to the FSB, a senior officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Captain 1st Rank Sergei Shvidenko from the territory of Ukraine coordinated the training and supervised a sabotage group directed to the territory of Russia. Shvidenko was arrested and taken into custody in July 2021, in November he was sentenced by a court to 6.5 years in a strict regime colony.