OREANDA-NEWS. The Ukrainian ambassador has been summoned to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry in connection with the actions of Kiev in relation to the deal concluded by Budapest with Gazprom, said the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Peter Siyarto.

“The actions of the Ukrainian government against this agreement through the European Commission are extremely outrageous. Ukraine has nothing to do with whoever we are negotiating with, ”the text says, TASS reports.

Siyjarto stressed that Budapest perceives such steps of Kiev as "a violation of the sovereignty of Hungary and the interests of its national security." “We have summoned the ambassador of Ukraine to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he concluded.

Earlier, Moscow and Budapest signed a long-term gas supply agreement. It deals with deliveries to Hungary of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year over the next 15 years. Including 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas will come through Serbia and 1 billion - through Austria.

For the first time in history, gas will flow to Hungary bypassing Ukraine. In Kiev, this decision was perceived extremely negatively, calling it "political and economically unjustified." But the injured party in this situation is only Ukraine - the new contract deprives it of the scheme of a virtual gas reverse, which Kiev will again have to buy from Russia.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Siyjarto emphasized that the signing of a contract with Russia for the supply of gas to Hungary is a purely internal affair of the country.

"I am protesting against this effort to interfere in the internal affairs of Hungary and the provision of heating during the cold season," Siyjarto said at a press conference after the signing of the contract.

He highlighted that decisions of such kind cannot be impacted from the outside by other states.