OREANDA-NEWS  In the Arkhangelsk region, doctors opened the skull of the daughter of a soldier of a special military operation (SVO). They were forced to do this to save a two-year-old child, the Arkhangelsk Online online publication reports.

The girl was injured because of her mother's new roommate - the man forcefully threw her to the floor. After that, the child was taken to the intensive care unit and operated on, removing the resulting hematoma.

According to the girl's father, when he saw her after trepanation, he began to lose consciousness. He stated the need to deprive his ex-wife of parental rights. A criminal case has been opened against the man who injured the daughter of a fighter of his own.

Earlier in Yakutia, the daughter of another participant of the SVO wanted to send to an orphanage. The man was widowed while he was on a special operation. Upon learning about this, the soldier decided not to return to the war zone after the funeral. Now they want to return the man to the SVO zone, and send his daughter to a special institution for children without parents.