OREANDA-NEWS Bloomberg reports that The European Commission has taken a decision on initial recommendation for Ukraine's membership in the European Union. It happened on Friday, June 17th.

According to the sources of the agency, the European Commission approved this step on the condition that Kyiv fulfills its obligations in the field of legislation, the judiciary and the fight against corruption in the future. The final decision on granting this status to Ukraine must be approved by all 27 EU member states.

European media previously noted that the candidate status is not a guarantee that a particular country will eventually join the EU. To join the European Union, it is obligatory to meet a number of rather strict requirements. Often, negotiations between the EU and a country applying for membership drag on for many years. However, this initial recommendation is extremely important for the Ukrainian government, since it has been aiming for closer relationships with Europe in order to fight Russian aggression, Bloomberg says.

As it was noted earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for unification of all European countries. He also stressed that Ukraine's accession to the European Union will strengthen Europe in general.