OREANDA-NEWSOn June 10, the United States will impose 5% duty on all products from Mexico, said the head of the White House, Donald Trump. This decision Washington explains the reluctance of Mexico to combat illegal migration. According to the States, because of this, hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans enter the country every year. It is noted that if Mexico doesn't take measures to limit the flow of migrants, fees will increase and by October will reach 25%.

The US will impose duties on all products from Mexico until Mexico stops illegal migration. Moreover, fees will increase. This was stated by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. “On June 10, the United States will impose 5% duties on all goods imported into our country from Mexico, as long as illegal migrants pass through Mexico and into our country. Tariffs will gradually increase until the problem of illegal migration is resolved, after which the tariffs will be removed”, the head of state wrote on Twitter.

The White House website explains that if Mexico City does not take measures to combat illegal migration, each subsequent month the fees will increase by 5 percentage points - until they reach 25% in October. It is noted that Washington made such a decision in connection with the flow of "hundreds of thousands of people who arrived through Mexico and entered the country illegally". “Gang members, smugglers, human traffickers, as well as all sorts of illicit drugs and drugs cross the southern border and enter our society. Because of this, lawlessness kills thousands of innocent people every year. It’s necessary to stop it now!” - Trump’s statement from the White House. 

“Mexico is conniving at this massive invasion, which seriously endangers national security and the economy of the United States. Mexico has very strict immigration laws, and it can easily stop the illegal flow of migrants, including returning them back to their countries”, the American president emphasized.