OREANDA-NEWS  Service for job search and employees "Work.ru" interviewed more than 300 employers from all regions of Russia and found out which positions are the most difficult to find employees for.

Most often, employers face a shortage of engineers, including design engineers, process engineers. The situation on the labor market with IT specialists and marketers is slightly better.

According to the deputy General Director of "Work.<url>" by Alexandra Vetkova, companies in the field of production and agro-industry feel the greatest shortage of working specialties. In addition to engineers, they have problems finding experienced plumbers and electricians. Therefore, recently the business has focused on retaining staff, and not on finding new employees, because qualified engineers sometimes have to be searched for from six months to a year.

The reason why it is so difficult to find an employee, 69 percent of respondents see a shortage of specialists with the necessary skills. Every second participant in the survey complained that applicants have inflated salary expectations. 19 percent of employers cited high requirements for the social package as the reason, and 18 percent of respondents — low job-seeking activity.

The easiest thing in the labor market is with unskilled workers. A third of employers spend no more than two weeks searching for movers, cleaners and storekeepers. A quarter of respondents close a vacancy within a week. Also, according to the respondents, it is easy to find accountants, sales managers, drivers and secretaries.

As HeadHunter analysts noted, by February 2022, there was a shortage of analysts and stockbrokers in the Russian labor market. For one vacancy for an investment analyst, there are only two resumes of applicants who are actively looking for work.