OREANDA-NEWS. Kirill Vyshinsky, head of the standing commission of the Council under the President of Russia for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) for international cooperation in the field of human rights, supported the dispatch of CSTO peacekeepers to unrest-ridden Kazakhstan.

"Since yesterday, a huge number of people in the post-Soviet space have closely followed the development of events in Kazakhstan, shared pictures and videos of the pogroms of shops and shooting in the streets. In such conditions, talking about a peaceful protest, about the observance of the rights of citizens of Kazakhstan and our compatriots living in this country This is a mocking wording in relation to what we all observed, "Vyshinsky's words are quoted on the HRC Telegram channel.

He noted that, without a doubt, any state in such a situation must take sufficiently tough measures to stop the pogroms and terror. And the fact that Kazakhstan "quickly and promptly applied for help to the CSTO, an organization to which the country has been a member for several years and with which it has a great deal of interaction", in his opinion, is not surprising.

“I believe that a huge number of people, including 3.5 million Russian-speaking citizens of Kazakhstan, had a certain hope for stabilizing the situation when they learned that peacekeepers would take part in maintaining order, protecting buildings, and helping to return the situation to the legal field. watching from the windows of their apartments the armed participants in the riots (who were called peaceful protesters yesterday), now there is hope that life will return to normal, "Vyshinsky emphasized.