OREANDA-NEWS The demands of the Russian side to Kiev in the course of possible negotiations will now be more stringent than they could have been two or three days ago, before the shelling of Sevastopol, during which civilians were killed. This was stated by Senator Sergei Tsekov, the radio station "Moscow Speaks" reported on Monday, June 24.

"It is clear that from the position of yesterday, these negotiations with Ukraine will be very tough. And our requirements will be very strict. They will be much tougher than they were two or three days ago," he said.

The day before, on June 23, Ukraine fired at Sevastopol with five ATACMS missiles. Four of them were shot down, and the fifth exploded over the beach where people were vacationing. According to the latest data, 151 people were injured, four more, including two children, could not be saved. There is an emergency mode in the city. June 24 has been declared a day of mourning in the region.