OREANDA-NEWS  The average damage caused to large companies of the Russian Federation by hackers for the period from July 2022 to June 2023 increased by a third compared to the same previous period and amounted to at least 20 million rubles, not taking into account reputational losses, told RIA Novosti in the cybersecurity company "RTK Solar".

"According to the results of a study conducted by RTK-Solar among 300 representatives of large businesses and the public sector, the average damage to companies from hackers over the year amounted to at least 20 million rubles (excluding reputational losses). This is a third higher than in the previous similar period, and cyber incidents occur in organizations almost every month," the report says and clarifies that the analysis was carried out for the period from July 2022 to June 2023.

Experts noted that such growth is provoked by the fact that tools for scouting the attack surface are actively being distributed, with the help of which hackers detect entry points into the system. Therefore, companies need to select a product depending on the requirements for functionality, load and fault tolerance. For example, small companies can start by using open source solutions that protect against web threats and provide access control.

"It is able to withstand small loads and cope with the main threats, but it will become a critical point of the company's IT infrastructure with an increase in the number of employees and targeted attacks by intruders. Among other things, before using open source solutions, you need to conduct a full scan of their code for vulnerabilities. This will allow us to get information about possible risks," said Sergey Ananyev, network security analyst at RTK-Solar.