OREANDA-NEWS  The Novosibirsk artist and founder of the art gallery "84" Margarita Moreva had her paintings stolen, which she was taking to an exhibition in Bali. The artist told the NGS correspondent about this when she returned to Novosibirsk.

"I was on vacation in Thailand, I was painting pictures, I wanted to make an exhibition in Bali as part of the opening of our Spot & Choo's (burger shop) from Akademgorodok. — Ed.). But all the paintings were stolen at Kuala Lumpur Airport, where we had a transfer. According to the surveillance cameras, then the police looked, you can see how I go into the mall with paintings, but I already go out without paintings. I just bought something there, put them on, and then forgot, moved away from them. But I went away for a while, I remembered, and when I returned, they were no longer in place," Margarita Moreva said.

As the girl clarified, it was a fairly large folder with a series of twenty watercolor works that she did on vacation and wanted to present at the exhibition as part of the opening of the burger shop. It was not possible to find the paintings, despite the active work of the Malaysian police.

"Actually, in the process of moving the exhibition got lost, — Margarita laughs. — We came and, of course, could not make the exhibition, although it was announced and even written off in advance with the guys so that they would prepare the site. But I wanted to show these works in several art galleries in Malaysia, as we planned to enter the Asian market with our art project."