Culture and leisure: articles for 24.08.2021

24.08.2021, 17:07
Streaming platform Netflix has published on its YouTube channel a trailer for a new documentary show. The program will tell about the most famous person with multiple personality disorder - Billy Milligan.
24.08.2021, 16:26
A former soldier of the Israeli army wants to make a satirical short film about the fate of a lonely soldier.
24.08.2021, 16:02

In the capital of Japan, against the backdrop of a growing number of cases of coronavirus infection, the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games began. The city still has a state of emergency.

24.08.2021, 15:27
In Russia, criminals will be determined by emotions with the help of a hidden inspection complex
24.08.2021, 14:41

It became known about the intention of the South Korean authorities to limit Apple and Google in matters of charging a commission for purchases made in mobile applications.

24.08.2021, 14:27
The Vatican is actively discussing his age and the past operation.
24.08.2021, 13:04
The Vice-President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Dmitry Gorin said that after August 27, flights from 23 subjects of the Russian Federation out of 46 possible should start flying to Egypt.

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