OREANDA-NEWS. A gala concert of the XХth children's creativity regional festival "Country of the Warbling Nightingale" was held in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan). 

The already traditional young talents’ showcase of the oil region of Tatarstan is annually organized and conducted by the PJSC TATNEFT’s Spiritual Renaissance Fund "Rukhiyat". More than 50 thousand young talents from 7 to 18 years of age have performed on the stages of the festival "Country of the Warbling Nightingale" since the first festival of 1998. Many of them continued their musical education, and some of them had become professional artists.

The right to perform at the Gala Concert was won by the best of the festival participants based on the results of qualifying rounds. 

The program of the XХth festival included the following nominations: vocal (solo performance), vocal ensembles, performers of brass and wooden wind instruments (ensembles, orchestras), performers on stringed instruments (solo, ensembles) and choreography.

Participating in the contest, talented children not only from cities but also from the most remote areas, were able to more fully reveal their creative abilities, perform on the big stage in front of a wide audience, get an appreciation of recognized masters of art.

The Grand Prix of the XХthe festival in 2017 in the nomination "Vocal" (ensembles) was awarded to the vocal-choreographic ensemble "Azal" (DK "Energetik", Zainsk, the Grand Prix of the contest in the nomination "Choreography.