OREANDA-NEWS  A cat was caught in the Hermitage, who lived in the air duct of the Winter Palace premises, and at night left traces of his stay in the exhibition halls, said Andrey Fedorov, a volunteer at the Koshkispas animal rescue center.

The cat turned out to be an alien, how he ended up in the Hermitage is unknown, but traces of his stay were regularly found by museum staff, who found out that the animal was most likely hiding in the duct. Then it was decided to contact Koshkispas. Five volunteers of the organization were on duty at the Hermitage for several nights, but they could not get the cat.

"It's been three days. We had already started a roll call in our chat on the topic of who wants to spend the whole weekend at the Hermitage again, when suddenly, in broad daylight, like thunder, the news broke – the cat was caught. Apparently realizing that they would not leave him alone in principle, the cat voluntarily came out of his hiding place on his own in the afternoon, huddled in a corner of the wardrobe and, without resisting, let himself be caught with a net," Fedorov wrote on the page "Koshkispas" in VKontakte.