OREANDA-NEWS. The film "Nobody" by Russian director Ilya Naishuller topped the American distribution, grossing $ 6.7 million over the weekend. This is reported by the Variety portal.

It is noted that the tape was well received by both critics and viewers. At the same time, as the portal clarifies, this is "a solid, but not a stellar beginning," because cinemas in Los Angeles and other American cities are just beginning to "seriously open."

At the international box office, "Nobody" raised another five million dollars, increasing the worldwide box office to 11.7 million. The budget of the film, as the portal recalled, is $ 16 million.

The genre of the film "Nobody" is an action movie. The film tells the story of a family man who decided to take revenge on the robbers who broke into his house. The main character was played by Bob Odenkerk, who starred in the films Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, Alexey Serebryakov and Alexander Pal also starred in the film.

The trailer for the first Hollywood film by Ilya Naishuller "Nobody" was shown at the US Super Cup back in February.
The Super Bowl, the season finale in American football, is considered a prestigious showcase for trailers and teasers of upcoming films.

In Russia and the CIS, according to the portal kinobusiness.com, the militant collected 42.4 million rubles over the weekend.