OREANDA-NEWS. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal, RIA Novosti has launched a multimedia historical project "Nuremberg. The Beginning of the World".

On the nuremberg.media portal, viewers can every day see unique documents, photographs and even newsreels that reveal the essence of the main trial of the 20th century.

According to Dmitry Kiselev, general director of the Russia Today media group, this is not just a project, but a live conversation with the audience in the language of new media, it is an opportunity to understand, comprehend, and feel the historical truth of one of the main historical processes that changed the course of history using modern information technologies.

As the project manager, journalist and writer Natalia Osipova explains, this is a very personal, emotional project for the creators. The people preparing it look at the evidence of the prosecution every day. In her opinion, this is something that a normal person cannot see, and that from which the hall in Nuremberg was either silent or getting up. Natalia is sure that they have to do it. Because this project is in defense of the victims and the Nuremberg humanist consensus.

The project "Nuremberg. The Beginning of the World" is based on first-person testimonies obtained from Russian and foreign archives. Moreover, the materials will be published not only in Russian, but also in German, French and English. They will be complemented by exhibitions, podcasts, public-talks, and performances. Visitors will also be able to see a unique VR-reconstruction of the stories of the main defendants of the tribunal.