OREANDA-NEWS. The daughter of the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Elizabeth, said that she is against performances of wild animals in circuses. On her Instagram page, she pointed out that the lifestyle of circus animals reminds her of a horror movie, since it implies cramped, stuffy, lack of sleep and long trips «in the wildest conditions».

«And all this with ringing music, with popcorn and huge decorations. <...> The circus with animals itself is, to put it mildly, a relic of the past. It is worth remembering just one story of this year, which took place under the circus arches, to understand that it is generally difficult to find a censored epithet for this «show». It's about how in January 2021 the state circus of Udmurtia staged a performance with animals in clothes with Nazi symbols. And that's not all: the show was organized at the request of the local ROC», she stressed.

Peskova agreed in her post that «seeing a wild animal is wonderful» and not everyone has the opportunity to travel. But the incidents in circuses, according to her, will continue «as long as everyone who does not like it will be silent».