OREANDA-NEWS  The details of the arrival of pop singer Alla Pugacheva in Russia were revealed by producer Ilya Sagliani. He cites his words KP.RU .

The media manager said that the artist plans to return and arrange a house in the village of Mud for herself. This will eliminate the risks of losing real estate, since now the mansion belongs to her husband, showman Maxim Galkin (listed in the register of foreign agents).

Sagliani also suggested that Pugacheva wants to continue her career in Russia. However, according to him, the public is unlikely to forget the singer's anti-Russian statements. "People will accept her only if the singer admits mistakes and clearly declares her patriotic position. You have to love your country, and then you won't have to come secretly," he concluded.

Earlier it became known that Pugacheva plans to come to Russia this summer for one day to "check on her farm."