OREANDA-NEWS  Hunting experts, in the presence of police officers, shot and killed a brown bear that caused a stir at an air base in Sapporo, Japan and wounded four people, including a soldier on duty at the checkpoint, Kyodo reported.

"I never thought that I was able to run so fast. Of course, I was scared and thought my heart would jump out of my chest," said 75-year-old Toshishi Ogasawara, who was attacked by the animal.

In addition to him, an 80-year-old woman, a 40-year-old man and a soldier guarding the entrance to the Okadama airbase of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were injured from the paws of the predator. All were injured of moderate severity and are now in the hospital.

The bear walked around the outskirts of the city, where houses and schools are located, for about five hours and managed to paralyze the work of the local airport for about half an hour, as he ran along the runway.

he took refuge from the police and the hunters summoned to help in a thicket near the airbase, they managed to track him down with the help of a helicopter, after which the beast was shot.

This is not the first bear attack on humans in Japan: over 150 such incidents have been recorded over the past year and a half.