OREANDA-NEWS  A week before the premiere, as part of the 2021 Venice Film Festival Competition Program, the first poster of “Spencer” film is presented which tells about three days in the life of Princess Diana. 

On the poster, Princess Diana cries turning her back to the audience. She is wearing a luxurious dress for special occasions. As it is suggested by The Guardian, the poster is likely to show the princess in the reconstruction of the famous so-called "Diaghilev" dress that Lady Dee wore to visit the Royal Opera House and to the premiere of the 15th James Bond film. This dress was also designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, British designers who created her wedding dress.

The new picture of Princess Diana tells the story of three Christmas days in 1991, which Princess Diana spent at Sandringham Castle with the royal family. It is assumed that these days she made the decision to divorce Prince Charles.

The role of Princess of Wales went to “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart. The Prince of Wales in the new drama is played by Jack Farthing, the star of the TV series “Poldark”.