OREANDA-NEWS. The Amsterdam Court of Appeal has decided on the ownership of the golden collection of artifacts from Crimean museums. Scythian gold is recognized as Ukrainian property, it will be transferred to Ukraine, Russian media «RIA Novosti» reports.

«Although the objects originate from Crimea, ... they are part of the heritage of Ukraine after it became independent in 1991», the agency quotes the presiding judge.

The gold collection of almost two thousand artifacts was taken from four Crimean museums for an exhibition at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam in early February 2014, before Crimea was reunited with Russia. In August 2014, the museum in the Netherlands decided not to return the Scythian gold to either Ukraine or Crimea. They were waiting for the decision of a competent judge or an agreement between the parties.

Earlier, Doctor of Law Ivan Solovyov estimated the chances of Russia to regain the Scythian gold. According to him, it is hardly worth waiting for a balanced, and even more so a fair decision from the court taking place in the Netherlands.