OREANDA-NEWS. Sberbank will present Sandro Botticelli's painting "Madonna della Loggia" in his office at the Far Eastern Federal University during the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF), the bank's press service said on Thursday.

 The painting "Madonna della Loggia" by an outstanding Italian Renaissance artist left the Uffizi Gallery for the first time.  The blind and the visually impaired can touch the masterpiece.  Together with the original painting "Madonna della Loggia" put up a tactile copy of the work.

 Madonna della Loggia is one of Botticelli's early works.  Standing in front of the arches of the loggia, which gave the name to the painting, the Madonna firmly presses the Infant against her cheek.  In the early works of Sandro, in particular, in the picture in question, the influence of his teacher Fra Filippo Lippi is noticeable.

 A catalog with articles by Maria Sframeli, Daniela Parenti and Tatyana Kustodieva has been prepared for the exhibition.