OREANDA-NEWS Islam in Russia is undergoing a renaissance, harmoniously coexisting with other religions, Russian Muslims shoulder to shoulder with other Russians have defended and continue to defend the country's security, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

"Islam in Russia is experiencing a renaissance and an unprecedented rise, harmoniously coexisting with other traditional religions. Our joint work has revealed a wide convergence of assessments on issues of intercivilizational, interfaith relations, which are discussed internally and internationally. We are united in upholding spiritual and moral values, rejection of Islamophobia, Christianophobia and any other forms of religious intolerance," Lavrov said in an interview for the documentary "The Way to the Islamic World."

The head of Russian diplomacy noted that the widespread recognition in the Islamic world of the fact that Russian Muslims are full participants in the political, economic, cultural and spiritual life of the country, shoulder to shoulder with other Russians courageously and selflessly defended and continue to defend Russia's security.