OREANDA-NEWS  On Monday, the Moscow Zoo launches online video broadcasting from the enclosures of pandas Zhui and Dindin, which were brought from China.

"In the Moscow Zoo, eight video cameras were installed in the panda cages. The live broadcast from the Fauna of China Pavilion, which has recently been inhabited by bamboo bears named Zhui and Dindin, will begin on July 1," the official mayor of the capital reported earlier.

The cameras will work around the clock. According to Svetlana Akulova, Director General of the Moscow Zoo, online broadcasts will help you to get to know bamboo bears.

“Thanks to them, everyone will be able to watch the pandas at different times of the day. For example, to see how they get the delicacies they hide in advance, eat fruit ice, play,” she explained.

The big pandas — the female Dindin, who was born in 2017, and the male Zhui, born in 2016 — were transferred by China to Russia for joint research for 15 years. They have already safely settled in the Moscow Zoo and are ready to meet with the public.