OREANDA-NEWS One of the participants left the rock band "Bi-2". This is stated in the Telegram channel of the musical group.

Guitarist Andrey Zvonkov left the band. "Our Zvonkov, the permanent guitarist of Bi-2 since 2006, is leaving the band. Andriukha, we are grateful to you for the years of joint work, for hundreds of concerts and recordings, for everything that was on and off the stage, for all this rock and roll that we went through shoulder to shoulder," the message says.

The participants of Bi-2 called Zvonkov's departure "very sad news" and wished him good luck on his chosen path.

Earlier, the vocalist of the musical group Lev (real name — Egor Bortnik, entered by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign agents) complained about the financial problems of the group after leaving Russia. He also shared that the band went on a trial tour of the USA and Europe to understand the mechanism of the music industry abroad.