OREANDA-NEWS. On the night of June 15, a rehearsal of the brightest summer event took place on the Neva. In the water area they were preparing for the alumni holiday "Scarlet Sails". This was reported by the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Saint Petersburg", which is aired on the TV channels "Russia 1" and "Russia 24".

Due to the events, the opening time of the Trinity Bridge was changed, it was postponed to 23 hours. This was done so that the two-masted brig "Russia" could pass along the Neva.

Hundreds of people came to the rehearsal of the colorful show. In order to see everything that happens on the Neva, some even climbed on the hoods of cars. According to eyewitnesses, watching the rehearsal of the future holiday is just as interesting as being present at the event itself. This year, the holiday in the usual offline format will be held on the night of June 26. The two-masted brig will again sail along the Neva under scarlet sails.

Petersburg alumni holiday "Scarlet Sails-2020" was announced the winner of the Global Eventex Awards in four nominations at once. So, gold for the best "Art event", the best "Festive event", the best "Cultural event" and the best "Music event". Scarlet Sails won the prestigious silver in the Best Live Broadcast nomination.

Spectators are offered a colorful light show, incredible fireworks, performances by the best artists. Indeed, the sight was mesmerizing. Everything in detail could be seen live last year on television and on the Internet. So the audience for "Scarlet Sails" last year was even larger than usual. Calculated: the total share of viewers of the live broadcast of "Scarlet Sails" on four federal channels amounted to 22.7% - more than 16 million Russians.