OREANDA-NEWS  The most popular hobbies among Russians in 2023 were fashion and beauty, cooking and gardening. Analysts of the Odnoklassniki social network came to such conclusions based on the activity of 22 million users in the "Hobbies" section.

The top five most popular hobbies also included needlework and pets.

Experts analyzed each of the groups and found out which topics interested users of the social network the most. So, users who are fond of cooking were more often interested in baking recipes, snacks and main dishes. In turn, Odnoklassniki users who prefer needlework were interested in content about weaving, knitting, sewing, origami and decoupage. And the attention of pet lovers, except cats and dogs, attracted birds, reptiles and fish.

The top ten most popular hobbies are cars and travel. The interest of motorists was more often attracted by the topics of car brands, tuning, motorcycles, repair and maintenance. And travelers paid most attention to the content dedicated to holidays in Asian countries and resorts. Europe turned out to be less interesting for Russians who are keen on tourism, and traveling around the homeland took the fourth place in terms of the number of views.

OK analysts stressed that the hobbies of social network users vary depending on the time of year. So, in autumn, the topic of cooking is most popular, in the second half of the year mysticism entered the top 10. There was also an increase in the interest of Russians in astrology, fortune-telling, numerology and interpretation of dreams.

Earlier, Odnoklassniki conducted a study and found out whether Russians watch autobloggers, whether they trust their opinion and what is really useful content about cars. 10 thousand people from all over Russia took part in the survey.