OREANDA-NEWS. In December 2020, in St. Petersburg, the prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit in the Kolpinsky District Court demanding to ban the anime «Naruto», «Death Note», «Tokyo Terror», «Elven Song», «Inuyashiki» and «Interspecies Reviewers», as well as the song of rapper Morgenstern «I Ate my Grandfather».

Judge Dmitry Nikulin banned the distribution of the anime «Death note» and «Inashiki» in Russia. The court session is attended by the deputy prosecutor of the Kolpinsky district Dmitry Atamanenko and the specialists Oleg Erlich and Vasily Belov. A representative of Roskomnadzor will not be present at this session.

According to the prosecutor, these animated films among other things encourage children to commit suicidal acts. Atamanenko added, that after he filed this claim, several schoolchildren committed suicidal acts in St. Petersburg. This children were wearing items of clothing related to animated films, including «Death Note».

The anime is based on the manga, which is ranked the 10th best manga of all time in Japan. There are five film adaptations of The «Death Note», two books, a musical, a TV series and three video games.