OREANDA-NEWS  Rapper Macan (real name — Andrey Kosolapov) became the "Artist of the Year" for the second year in a row, his tracks have gained more than a billion listens. About this reported the press service of VKontakte.

In addition, his album "12" won the nomination "Album of the Year", gaining more than 230 million listens on the VK Music platform.

Instasamka (Daria Zoteeva) became the "Artist of the Year", and her track "For Money Yes" became the "Track of the Year" for more than 140 million listens on the platform.

The Ossetian duo Miyagi & Endgame (Azamat Kudzaev and Soslan Burnatsev) was declared the "Group of the Year". In total, he scored 900 million auditions in 2023.

The "Fit of the Year" nomination was won by Kravts & Gio Pica (Pavel Kravtsov and Gio Dzhioev), whose track "Where did You Go" became one of the main tracks of the year and gained more than 120 million listens.

Earlier, pop singer Lolita Milyavskaya talked about parasitizing the popularity of Instagram. This is how the singer commented on the collaboration with the performer. "Dasha was the initiator, and I'm glad. She woke up in the morning and always sang "Titanic". At the expense of Dasha, I sparred in the charts to the first place. This is Dasha's merit," Lolita said, stressing that she was glad to cooperate with Zoteeva.