OREANDA-NEWS. On Sunday, January 24, the trailer for the movie «Godzilla vs. Kong» has been released. The premiere is scheduled for March 26. The film directed by Adam Wingard will be released in the streaming service HBO Max and in theaters.

In the main roles, in addition to Kong and Godzilla, Millie Bobby Brown («Very strange things»), Alexander Skarsgard («True Blood»), Asa Gonzalez («Baby on the Drive»), Rebecca Hall («Prestige») and others. The essence of the film is clear from it's title. In the story, people together with King Kong go on a dangerous journey to find his real home. Among Kong's entourage is a little orphan girl, Gia. She's the only one who can communicate with the big ape. In the sea, they are attacked by an enraged Godzilla, who sows destruction around the world. The conflict between the two giant monsters is provoked by invisible forces, and the solution to this mystery lies deep inside the Earth's core.

The upcoming American-Japanese fantasy action film directed by Adam Wingard is the twelfth film in the King Kong series and the thirty-sixth in the Godzilla series. Godzilla and King Kong have already clashed on the screen in the Japanese film of 1962. The film was made for the 30th anniversary of Toho Studios and is still the most commercially successful Japanese Godzilla film.